Short List of Consumer Services That Can Benefit From Interest-Free Installment Payments

The interest-free installment payment solution offered by Splitit USA Inc. has obvious commercial benefits to ecommerce websites and brick & mortar retail stores selling high ticket items. Additionally, the service is extremely versatile and can provide significant financial benefits to many other business types as well. Here is a short list of many consumer services that can benefit from offering installment payment plans to their clients.

Pet Care & Veterinary Services

We all know pet care can be expensive. When veterinarians and animal hospitals accept payments in installments, means more animals can receive the treatment they need. Animals suffer many of the same ailments that humans do, and affordable treatment can be a better solution before it’s too late for prevention or a cure.

Healthcare Services

Many people today are without healthcare coverage.  Affordable Care Act, was a step taken to give more people access to healthcare and health insurance.  Hospitals and healthcare facilities that offer patients installment plans using their existing credit cards help ease the burden and difficulties associated with these costs.

Travel & Tourism

Offering an installment plan, people no longer need to put off their vacations.  Newlyweds can honeymoon in style rather than going the minimum route… business travelers can upgrade their travel and hotel arrangements without large interruptions to their cashflow.

Health & Beauty

Some people consider weight loss, exercise and eating healthy foods to be a luxury. Healthy living is quite the opposite – it’s a necessity. When given the option, people can pay for services such as gym memberships, personal training and nutrition in installments, and likely live longer, better lives. Also, those true health & beauty luxuries such as laser hair removal and cosmetic surgery can help people feel better, too!

Wedding Services

Weddings are expensive. Wedding planners, officiants, venues, flowers, invitations and everything else that goes into the Big Day can become overwhelming for new couples. Help make the whole process less stressful and more special by easing the monetary side of it with interest-free monthly installment payments, so that couples can make their dream wedding and enjoy the day with their family, friends, and each other.

Funeral Services

Funerals are a difficult time for everyone involved, and often an unexpected expense. Having the option to pay for even one or two of these individual services in installments would make it just a little easier to get through an already trying time.

Home Improvement & Construction

Most are always looking to improve their living situations,  With installment payments as an option, they can have that new kitchen, bathroom, or remodel done.

Catering & Food Service

Whatever special event is being planned, families have the option to pay in installments, they’re less likely to skimp on quality and more likely to have the perfect menu for their next event.

Education & Training

Many people are either unhappy with their jobs and are looking to change career direction, or are eager for the next promotion. Continuing Education, training and other coursework can help make this possible, but people often face sticker shock and don’t get the training they need. Installment payments can make training more realistic for working people who are looking to advance their careers.

Interior Design

Interior Design is typically what happens after home improvement construction is completed. Like the icing on a cake, it’s what makes a functional home improvement project for necessary upgrades into an exceptional project that families can enjoy, and be proud of for many years. From a practical standpoint, it’s also what adds more value to a home when it goes up for sale. Kitchens and bathrooms with upgraded fixtures, tiles and countertops are what make homes move-in ready, and interest-free installments can help.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of consumer services. There are countless other ways that people can benefit from paying in installments. Here are more ideas, try watching this video and see what Splitit is all about.

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