Your business is in trouble if you are just using social media.

Trend watchers are saying the message for businesses and marketers this year is: go mobile or go home. This years focus will be to cater to growth of consumers who now use smart phones and/or tablets as their first and primary way of communicating.

If you are using social media, print ads, and other methods to reach your client base, that is not enough.

On average, time spent browsing on a smartphone per month is 87 hours in the U.S., compared to 34 hours on their desktop.

Brick/Mortar and Online Business Can Benefit

  • 97% of your customers text DAILY!
  • We’ll show you how to build a massive list.
  • 100% of the customers you text, will have signed up.
  • Customers want to hear from you!
  • Your potential for more return visits is unlimited
  • And . . .loyal customers bring friends
  • Would you spend $30.00 or less to reach 1000 phones? (Your customers have signed up!) Absolutely!!!

Mobile marketing should also be an important part of any online store. It increases engagement and allows you to instantly relay information to potential customers.

If you want to reach your current client base in a flash . . . you have to get on board with mobile marketing.

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