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A Revolutionary Way For Financing Your Customers

What does Splitit do for  your customers? Interest-Free installment Payments on existing credit cards Spreads credit card charges over a number of installments Instant Process – No additional fees, interest or credit check   Splitit is revolutionizing the credit card industry by enabling instant consumer financing without assuming any credit risk. Many businesses such Medical […]

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Pay ZERO for Credit Card Processing

Have you ever wanted to pay 0% on your credit card processing fee? With the 2015 Legislation, The Dodd-Frank Act, forced VISA and MasterCard to allow merchants to pass along the credit card processing fees to the customer. You, the merchant can offer cash discounts as an incentive. Now your customer uses their credit card to earn 2% […]

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Best Lease Financing Program

We are offering the best lease financing program you have ever seen! A perfect fit for consumer goods in-store and online sales such as custom rim, furniture, appliances, electronics and other consumer goods except for power sport and cell phones. This is for consumer goods, and is a sub-prime lease purchase program that will finance […]

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