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Simple Tip to bigger profits.

Increase your customers buying power.   MAXIMIZE Average Order Size Splitting an order into smaller monthly payments drives larger baskets for your business. Help customers get what they really want and eliminate compromise. Financing makes your product more affordable and will increase your average order value. INSTANT Approval at Checkout The first and only solution […]

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Splitit Businesses

Best Businesses that can benefit from Splitit

Short List of Consumer Services That Can Benefit From Interest-Free Installment Payments The interest-free installment payment solution offered by Splitit USA Inc. has obvious commercial benefits to ecommerce websites and brick & mortar retail stores selling high ticket items. Additionally, the service is extremely versatile and can provide significant financial benefits to many other business […]

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A Revolutionary Way For Financing Your Customers

What does Splitit do for  your customers? Interest-Free installment Payments on existing credit cards Spreads credit card charges over a number of installments Instant Process – No additional fees, interest or credit check   Splitit is revolutionizing the credit card industry by enabling instant consumer financing without assuming any credit risk. Many businesses such Medical […]

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Consumer Financing Solutions

Consumer Financing Solutions that work for your business.       EasyPay is NOT a lease program.  There are NO restrictions on parts, tires, service, etc.- customers can use their approval amount to pay for products and services no matter what the ratio of service to parts is. Your customers will appreciate our tiered program […]

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Offer EasyPay Finance to Your Truckers and Get Them Moving Fast!

Do you have completed repaired trucks sitting in your lot for payment? Many times your customers don’t have the ready cash or credit card limits to pay for necessary truck repairs. EasyPay Finance offer you an easy solution to help your customers get moving. Most finance companies only approve applicants with pristine credit leaving a […]

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