Mobile Marketing

Either Go Mobile or Go Home . . .

We can no longer question if mobile marketing is important or not . . .we know it is —  Currently more than half of all consumers will be using mobile devices first for anything they do online.

We are enabling businesses to secure permission based opt-in cell phone numbers of their customers/clients to receive announcements, specials, promotions, discounts, events, fundraisers, job offers, birthday clubs, VIP Clubs, Vote to Win, Tax Reminders, notifications, etc. instantly and in real time or scheduled in advanced when to send.

Mobile Marketing works for every type of business!  Using a single text message, merchants can contact their entire customer base at a moment’s notice!  Staying connected to your customers helps you to:

  • Retain your existing customers by keeping them informed and interest.
  • Increase floor traffic on slower days.
  • Build your customer/contact base through referrals from existing customers
  • Interact with your customer/contacts through polls, contests and more!
  • Give them what they want by getting to know them with customized data collection campaigns
  • Accounting Firms can notify their clients when sales tax payment are due and help ensure they are read and acted upon.
  • Groups and organization can instantly notify their contacts with important information in real time.


We offer you the opportunity to build a list of your loyal customers/contacts.   They can easily join the program by simply texting a Keyword to a Short Code you create.

Merchants will enjoy returning customers that will also share with others by word of mouth.

Business owner can easily send periodic messages (offering coupons, discounts, specials, info and more to  your customers/contacts that have already joined.

Offering rewards for customer loyalty promotes repeat customers which increases floor traffic, generates more sales and INCREASES REVENUE!

We are simply the best mobile marketing/communication solution!

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