• Why Choose WAVit?
  • The WAVit program changes everything!
  • Accept All Major Credit Cards
  • The WAVit solution can help you save big on processing.

Say Goodbye to Merchant Processing Fees…

…And say hello to more profits!

You are just steps away from having extra money for your business.

Say Goodbye to Merchant Processing Fees is now a reality!  When your customers use their credit card to pay for their purchase and 3%-4% of every dollar they make is given to the Credit Card merchants to pay for the customer’s 2% cash back or free airline miles programs. 

These programs benefit the Credit Card company’s not the merchant.  The Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act forced VISA and MasterCard to allow merchants to OFFER CASH DISCOUNTS or pass along the credit card processing fees to the customer.

For over 30 years, this is what business owners have been waiting for! The program was designed so that business owners can AVOID high credit card fees. You’ll pay  a fixed monthly cost for unlimited processing and know exactly what your costs are year after year.

With these changes in card network rules, merchants now have the option of charging a different price for cash versus credit card transactions. Our technology enabling merchants to have that choice.

Business owner can now save hundreds and even thousands!

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